Penny and I started off determined to get in a five mile walk today. We went 6.5 miles. That happens when you get lost.

We brought our trusty hounds, of course — Marty, who’s an actual hound, and Birdie, who looks like an Italian Greyhound, although she barks in English. Both are of indeterminate origin, typical of the finest dogs everywhere.

See photo captions for additional hilarity.

There were still vestiges of Christmas. However, pointing this truck decoration at this particular tree appears to be threatening, doesn’t it? “This is what’s going to happen to you, tree, if you don’t behave this year!”
We paused for a photo opp with Marty disinterested (“Let’s keep walking!”) and Birdie invisible in the shade.
Aircraft separated by 60 years, 35,000 feet and 400 miles per hour.
The yellow plane looked suitable for barnstorming. Yet this nearby barn remained unstormed.
Never an expert on the principles of ice formation, Marty was surprised when the earth shook under his feet.
Farmington, NM may be missing a fire engine. It’s a 7 1/2 hour drive, so perhaps this was stolen by criminals with poor hiding skills.
This is not called — surprisingly — Leaning Tree Pond.
Birdie reveling in the bountiful scent buffet available at your nearest car window. And then we were home.