It’s nearly time for my 2017 cross country motorcycle tour, but this time I’m doing it for a great cause — I’m supporting “Folds of Honor,” a fantastic, very high quality charitable foundation that funds educational scholarships for the spouses and children of military personnel who are killed or disabled in action. 

On June 15th, I’ll leave my home near Atlanta bound for Tulsa, OK. The “Freedom Rally,” made up of cars and motorcycles from around the country, will take place in Tulsa on June 17th. My goal is to raise $10,000 for  this great cause by getting donations from friends and colleagues. 

Once the rally is over, I’ll head west to meet up with my brother (Clive) and a few other friends for an extended tour. We’ll head to California, go up to Seattle, then over to Montana and wind up in Denver.

Last year’s ride to British Columbia was my first true cross-country road trip. At this point in the planning (about a month out), I nervous, excited and had gone through about 20 revisions of my packing list. This year, I feel much more calm and am probably too relaxed — I have much to do and I need to get going!

One thing I’ve learned how to do is to blog from the road. I’ll do a better job of it this year and hope to include more photographs as well. In the meantime, if the mood strikes you, please make a tax-deductible contribution to Folds of Honor by following this link: