After our unexpected stay at the LAX Courtyard Marriott and a five hour flight across (a little of) the Pacific, we have finally arrived in Waikiki. We have four days of work and fun (for me) and all fun for Penny. This will be followed by five days of nothing but fun for both on Maui. 

Since my employer is paying for the room, we immediately upgraded — we are paying the difference ourselves, of course. The payoff is the scene pictured above, which we are enjoying at the same net cost we paid at last night’s Courtyard. 

After a great workout and a long walk on the beach, we are preparing for tonight’s business dinner. Much to my surprise, we have already had the, “What if we sold everything and moved to Hawaii?” conversation that we don’t normally enjoy until several days here. Given that we covered this so quickly, perhaps we can do some actual on-site investigating with the time we have left here. 

Cheers from paradise.