So if there are two better sons in the world than Austin and Blaine, you’d better look for halos over their heads because they’d have to be angels to one-up my boys. 

Case in point: My Christmas gifts from the boys this year: On the left is a coffee-table book that Austin made from my blog documenting my motorcycle ride from Georgia to British Columbia and back this past summer. Given that all of the photos and words are mine, this means I am now a published author. And not “self-published” as they say — I didn’t even know this was in production! Sure, the entire print run was a single copy, but that’s one more published copy of my work than existed previously. Having reread it today, I can assure you the author has brilliant and thoughtful insights about his adventure across the United States and into Canada. If you read it, you’ll laugh at his hijinx and empathize with his struggles. This book is pretty much the non-fiction Huckleberry Finn of our times. 

On the right is a set of CD’s from Blaine featuring my favorite classic radio show, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.” Johnny is the “fabulous, freelance insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account.” Several actors played the title role, but the most popular person was Bob Bailey, who possessed an incredible ability to help you suspend disbelief and activate the theatre in your mind. Mr. Bailey is featured in every episode on these discs, which is simply wonderful. He (the actor, not the character) was also a bit of a mystery. He acted in several films but wound up more or less disappearing for many years until he showed up in a retirement home for old actors. For a guy who was wildly popular and famous for several years, there is very little known about him. 

So…I’ve got my newly-published book on the shelf and “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Starring Bob Bailey” in the CD player in our home gym. I’ve got a motorcycle, a pool table, a good job, two funny dogs and two cats (one of whom is not grouchy). 

More importantly, I’ve got two simply wonderful sons who make me very proud and I’ve got a gorgeous, funny and happy wife who loves me. 

I’ve said before but it remains true: I’m the richest man in the world.