Somewhere on a remote backroad between Billings and Helena, MT, I reached 2,000 miles for this trip. The time was precisely three days after I left home.

There was so little traffic that I simply pulled to the side of the road, took pictures from several angles and rode off again a few minutes later. No other vehicles came by during this documenting of an historic occasion.

About 40 miles outside of Billings, I passed through the tiny burg called Lavina; I had to pull over and snap a couple of shots, posted here.

After Lavina, I didn’t pass by a town or even a gas station for 150 miles and felt a little anxiety towards the end, given my Thursday goof. But I made it to Townsend, MT, where I refueled the bike and then pressed on to Helena, where I am refueling myself at the Dive Bakery. 

Now I’m off to Missoula and will look for a back road through the mountains — it’s nice to be off the interstate after so many miles on it between Georgia and Montana.

I think I’ll gas up again, though. Just to be safe.