image.jpegStarted off with a bang — 586 miles from our house to the posh Super 8 in St. Charles MO. I decided to push on through St. Louis after yesterday’s experience with Atlanta traffic. I left the house at 2:30 but it was still very busy and the temp hit 100 degrees. Most of the day’s ride was between 95 and 100 and then when the sun went down, the  coolness of the night inspired me to a 100 miles farther than I’d planned.

Bike’s running great, gear is working well, and I’m ready to ride — today from St. Charles to Sioux Falls SD if I follow the original plan. But that’s the same distance I rode yesterday when I left at 2PM and I’m leaving at 8AM this maybe further if I’m inspired again.

Thanks to the fabulous Penny Lee Heller for taking this pic as I rolled out of our garage.